Do you assume that the practice of working in and with circles is decisive for the sustainable shaping of our future? If so, then circles for future is the right place for you.

Circles for future is an integral platform that aims to make such practice visible in all its diversity, to network practitioners with one another and to bring them together with those who are potentially interested.

Circles for future wants to strengthen and connect a civil society community of practice that already operates worldwide, for each other and for an interested audience.

Circles for future maintains a minimum of quality criteria and welcomes all traditions and schools that meet them.


do we mean by "practice of working in and with circles"?

Work with circles

What is meant is working with developmental, natural psychological or intrinsic orientation models, which – like the so-called life wheels of different traditions – are cyclical and serve as diagnostic tools for a deeper understanding of the world and ourselves.

The cyclical course of the models or metaphors and the practice derived from them trace the natural movements that take place in all kinds of development processes. As the circle always involuntarily points to its center as a symbol, this is included in these models and metaphors. This makes it possible to speak sensibly of balance and depth of process and also how the opposing qualities in the circle relate to each other.

This process process, which is only thought of as linear, opens up a new dimension of holistic process understanding, sharpens the view of a holistic psychology of humans, in the context of its natural interweaving with a constantly changing world. It means working with those circles that will be of fundamental importance for process analysis, process planning and shaping a sustainable future.

Examples would be The Four Shields of Human Nature according to Foster and Little, the Circle of Courage according to Brokenleg and Brendtro and the Medicine Wheel according to Sun Bear and Wabun. However, it also means models and metaphors such as the Campbell monomyth that can be placed on such bikes.

Work in circles

This means working with non-hierarchical, non-violent and appreciative forms of communication in a circle around a sacred center. Forms of communication that are also an expression of an attitude and invite the presence and mindfulness in the relationship to oneself, to others and to the larger whole. This refers to forms of communication in a circle that focus on listening and are impressive means of forming a sustainable community culture and relationships. Circular forms of communication that offer groups and organizations of all kinds a highly effective means of sustainably designing their processes – including decision-making processes.

Examples of this would be: The Way of Council, Dialog, CircleWays and many more …


do we want to implement the circles for future platform?

We, that is a small team of three consisting of Gesa Heiten, Holger Heiten and Thomas Kugel, have just started, everything is still under construction.

We will approach all the representatives of the different schools, traditions, initiatives, organizations etc. to talk about a cooperation in this way and are of course also happy to address them from now on.

The platform should serve on the one hand as a network instrument and on the other hand as a place where you can find out about all the different forms of work in and with circles. In addition, everything from books to video clips and webinars can be found here soon.

However, the corona virus crisis has prompted us to become visible and to offer support immediately with what we believe in:

Many are currently sitting at home in isolation. That is why we will have free online council groups. We will draw attention to such events in which everyone can be heard. We assume that solutions and insights will emerge in the middle of such circles that can serve all of us to grow in this crisis. We need each other to remind each other of everything that we have always known about the most important things in life, but lose sight of in everyday life.

Here is a list of said events.


The dates are successively updated.
You can find more events at waysofcouncil.net [english].

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